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The History of Ptown Pedicabs

Independent thoughts brought together by working in close proximity...

Call it chance, fate, or destiny. Pedicabs and Provincetown was a match just waiting to happen.

A long-time resident of Provincetown, Bruce VanAllen, and a returning-from-points-West Cape Codder, Randy McDonald, conceived the idea during the long, cold winter of 2002 while working on a construction project; finding that they shared many similar interests, and, more importantly, a common goal of having a job that incorporated cycling, the gears started turning and by the summer of 2003, they were ready to roll!

Randy & Bruce

Their idea, coupled with Provincetown's small overall layout, the huge amount of seasonal pedestrians, motorized traffic issues, and the need for a viable solution to the overall congestion, just begged for a remedy.

Hence, the idea of bicycle powered "rickshaws" coming to Provincetown was launched. And, with Ptown Pedicabs looking forward to enjoying yet another great season, they have certainly proven to be that answer!

Bruce keeps telling himself that he loves pedicabs more than anything. His eventual goal is to cycle the
world, but for now he'll just settle for cycling people
of the world instead.

In 2007, Randy passed the baton to Charlie Hamilton who had come on board as a rider but
was anxious to do more. Look where that got him! He and Bruce now run the business.

Randy, who had decided that Charlie really was just crazy enough to replace him, still helps out now
and then. You can take the boy out of the pedicabs but you can't take the pedicabs out of the boy!