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Ptown Pedicabs Mission Statement

Ptown Pedicabs envisions itself as a beneficial long term addition to the charm and appeal that is Provincetown. As a multifaceted 3-season public transportation alternative, Ptown Pedicabs plans to exceed being just a "tourist attraction" by being an asset to the town, its residents, and its businesses equally.

This is an environmentally friendly, fun, safe, and practical, as well an inexpensive, means of public transportation available to everyone. By employing local drivers, P-town Pedi-Cabs does its share to contribute to the local economy as well.

As a Provincetown visitor attraction, however, it tries to promote an increased exploration of the unique features that this seaside community has to offer. The shops, restaurants, galleries, and theaters, as well as the historical significance of Provincetown itself, and an unsurpassed location in this beautiful part of the county, are an inherent part of the memorable experience we promote to passengers of Ptown Pedicabs.