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Safety is Ptown Pedicabs' number one goal. Even before having fun, we want our passengers and operators to be safe at all times. This is why Provincetown's Police Department has given us an inspection checklist to abide by, on top of our own strict saftey precautions.

The Police Department annually inspects the pedicabs and requires that:

  • All riders be licensed by the Town Of Provincetown and have a complete physical before riding.
  • All pedicabs must display adequate headlights, taillights, visible side lights, reflectors, and illumination of the step into the cab.
  • Be equipped with seats for one operator and up to three passengers, the total of which may not exceed 500 pounds.
  • All pedicabs must have either horn or bell for audio signalling.
  • Operators must use hand signals at all times.
  • Safe wheels: no excessive wear on tires and rims are secure and sound.
  • Brakes: front (disk, cable or hydraulic) and rear (disk).
  • On board tool kit for minor repairs.
  • On board First Aid kit.

Twice a day, all pedicabs are minutely inspected by our staff mechanic for wear and tear and any adjustments/repairs to pedicabs are made before the shift starts and they hit the streets.

Pedicabs are subject to the same Massachusetts laws governing public roadways and vehicles and as such, are responsible for operators'/passengers' driving violations.

All of Ptown Pedicabs' vehicles are subject to these rules to ensure that all persons involved enjoy a great time aboard!